The Modern Cabin

A modern lakefront cabin with an inviting, rustic interior, built in 2017 by BML Homes.


The grey exterior with cedar accents was completed using LUX Architectural Panel. The durable, easy to clean product is maintenance friendly and completes the sleek, modern look of this lakefront property.

What we love | The large windows and clean lines keep this home looking modern and contemporary. The cedar accents, despite being made of a man-made product, soften the home and compliment the natural wood tones found on the interior.

Partners | LUX Architectural Panel. Windows by LUX Windows and Glass. Exterior panel and window installation by BML Homes.


The open living space features wood trim, white-washed shiplap walls, and a modern fireplace with a rustic mantel.

What we love | We love this plastered fire place that was designed to look like concrete. Pairing it with a rustic mantel is a perfect contrast and keeps the modern look of the cabin with a warm and natural twist.

Partners | Fireplace finished by Crown Plaster. Shiplap, flooring, and finishing work by BML Homes.