So, you want to build your dream home?

Awesome! We would love to meet you. This is is the stage when we get to sit down and discuss what you are looking for in a home builder (us), as a home builder (you). It’s almost like a first date. We want to know your wish list, your requirements, and your dreams for your home, and more importantly - if you’re a good fit for our company. Home building is personal and emotional, and you need a builder who can support you well. We hope that’s us, but it might not be, and that’s okay. Once we establish if we should work together, we will move onto the next stage to discuss building plans and a quote.

Building Plans and Quote

Do you need help creating or finalizing your house plans? We’d love to help.

Sometimes clients already have concrete plans in place (which is great), and we can move on to the next step right away. However, if you are still working towards your perfect building plans, or have yet to start the process, we would love to help you. At this point, there has been no contract signed and you are not committed to BML Homes, so we will ask you to sign a Design Contract before moving forward. The Design Contract means that you have hired BML to work with you to develop plans and concepts for your home, and ensures that you are the owner of the plans, even if you decide not to build with us.

Your plans are finalized and you’re ready for a price. We’ll do that free of charge.

Whether you worked with BML to develop your plans or sought external help, we will take your finalized drawings and complete a detailed quote for every aspect of your build. We are committed to being 100% transparent in our pricing and want to ensure that you understand exactly what you are paying for. Once the quote is complete, we will ask you to meet with us so we can review each aspect in depth, allow you to ask questions, and clarify any items that may be causing confusion.


You decided to build your home with BML. We can’t wait!

It’s time to get started planning out the construction process. At this time we will ask you to sign a Building Contract, committing you to working with BML. We will also establish a tentative start date, a timeline, and a budget plan for you. You will be able to view your entire schedule, budget, and job progress on our cloud-based project management software through your very own customer profile. Confused about how the system works? Don’t worry, we can teach you.

Your start date is approaching. Let’s make some decisions.

Welcome to the selections phase. We will review all of the preliminary design decisions made during the design stage to ensure you still love everything about your home. Chances are you’ve changed your mind about a few things, and that’s alright. We’ll help you make adjustments as needed.

Next up, we will need to specify actual products that will bring your vision to life. Your house won’t be built in a day (we know, that’d be cool) so your selections don’t need to be decided in one either. We will outline a timeline of when certain decisions need to be made, provide you a list of our preferred suppliers, and arrange for you to visit their showrooms to make your selections. If you think you might need more help, or visiting showrooms just isn’t your thing, you can let us take some stress off your plate and hire us to make your selections for you - we will run all selections by you first, of course.


We broke ground on your build.

The most exciting first step - surprising, considering it usually just looks like a pile of dirt. Stop by and pop some bubbly, we’ve just marked the start of a new chapter for you and your people!

Ever seen a freshly poured foundation? You have now!

It’s time for your first official client walkthrough. Come to the site and let us show you around!

Your home is starting to take shape.

Framing is done and the roof is on. We want to invite you back for your second official walkthrough. At this time we will discuss the flow through the space, how you intend to use each room, and will conduct some preliminary electrical planning.

The very technical but oh-so important: Rough in Stage.

Official walkthrough number three requires us to confirm the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical before the drywall is installed. We will explain the systems, their placements, and will confirm that they are aligned with how you intend to use your home. We also know that what goes on inside your walls is equally important (if not more important) than how your walls are finished, and we are so excited to educate you about what’s going on back there, even if we come off a little nerdy doing it.

Drywall is up, primed, and casework is in.

Installing drywall is a main turning point because it truly changes the way a home feels. We want you to visit for your fourth official client walkthrough to ensure that everything feels right and that the casework looks exactly how you envisioned it or better (we’re always aiming to exceed your expectations).

Now for all of those decisions you made way back when…

It’s time to install all of those products you specified in the planning process. Trim, flooring, cabinets, hardware, tile, and more, are going in and things are getting real. This is an exciting time and we want to make sure we got everything just right, so your fifth official client walkthrough is to confirm just that. In a typical situation, we’ll have your trim painted in your specified finish, but your walls will be bare (primed only), just in case you need to do some last minute tweaking.



We’re moving out and you’re moving in! Our painters have done their final touch ups and our cleaners have done their final sweep. Let us do one last official walkthrough with you to ensure your home is perfectly ready to be enjoyed by you and your people. We’ll answer all of your final questions, equip you with an owners manual, and hand over the keys. It’s all yours and we hope you’ll enjoy it for years to come.


We’re just one phone call away.

Whether you have additional questions, need something tweaked or repaired, or just want to invite us over for a beer on your new deck, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout (especially if you’re inviting us over for beer). You’re a part of the BML family now and we want to look out for you and your home.